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ADIX Stock Exchange

After the inflow of several million, the ADIX Group GmbH & Co. KG did not leave the amounts in their bank accounts without interest or against negative interest, instead we established a department of stock exchange trading within the ADIX Group GmbH & Co. KG. Since January 2020, this line of business has dealt with stocks, ETFs, certificates and options. Since January 2020, the department has achieved a profit of over € 1.2 million with an investment capital of around € 6 million, which corresponds to a performance of 20%.

So that you can benefit from our success, ADIX decided in May 2020 to open a model portfolio at Wikifolio and to replicate some trades there. Since the creation of the Wikifolio model depot, ADIX has achieved a performance of 8.5% there.

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Adix is ​​not only invested in stock trading or in Wikifolio, it has also acquired physical gold and silver. Gold and silver are available for sale. If you are interested, you can contact us using our contact form.

With the usual valuation according to the P / E ratio (price-earnings ratio) multiplied 15 times, the ADIX would already be worth € 18 million.