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1 Overview of the subscription offer

ADIX-Healthcare Group GmbH & Co. KG (issuer or company) with its registered office at Theodor-Hanloser-Str 78224 Singen Hohentwiel offers the acquisition of up to 20% interest-bearing silent partnerships.

2 The ADIX-Healthcare Group was founded to operate in the field of storage and distribution of vaccines.

3 ADIX-Healthcare GmbH has been importing medical cannabis and distributing CBD cannabis for years.

4 The personally liable partner (general partner) is ADIX-Healthcare GmbH with a contribution of € 50,000.

5 limited partners are Dipl. Kfm. Arthur Müller with an investment of 2 million €

6 The executive board is responsible for managing the company. The company needs further capital to enter the billion-dollar vaccines business. To raise this capital, the company offers investors silent participations. The silent participations offered represent outside capital with a basic interest rate of 5% above the planned basic interest rate, the investor should participate in the successful further development of the company.

ADIX-Healthcare GmbH & Co. KG will therefore pay the investor a special interest rate of 3% annually to be determined at the discretion of your management. Only the deposit is interest-bearing (subscription amount without premium).

 7 The amount of the capital to be borrowed is not limited in terms of the amount, but a target capital of € 5,000,000 is to be raised through the issue of the silent participation. The minimum subscription amount is € 50,000, although higher subscription amounts should always be divisible by € 1,000. This total amount is not fixed and can therefore be exceeded or undercut. The premium is 5% of the respective subscription amount.

 8 The claims of the investors are structured with a qualified resignation (subordination to the rank of equity).

9 The investors have the right to a return of capital.

The silent participations are offered exclusively in the Federal Republic of Germany and are aimed at natural persons who have their place of residence or habitual abode in the Federal Republic of Germany. The silent participations do not give the investor any membership rights to the issuer.

10 No more than 200 silent partnerships are offered. There is therefore no obligation to publish a prospect for the offer. No prospect approved by the BaFin Federal Financial Services Prospect has therefore been drawn up.

11 The term of the investment ends at the end of 5 years after the end of the last day of the month in which the value date of the subscription amount, including the premium, is fully recorded in the settlement account.


Investors with unlimited tax liability in Germany generate taxable investment income in Germany with the income from the silent partnership. If the silent participation is held in private assets for tax purposes, the so-called principle applies. Taxable capital income only arises if and to the extent that it actually accrues to the investor. A separate income tax rate of 25% applies to this income (additional solidarity surcharge and any church tax §32d (1) EStG). This is the general regulation that must be checked by the investor in individual cases.

Upon request, the tax office can carry out a so-called cheaper check and set a different tax rate in accordance with the collectively agreed income tax. The investor has to include the accrued investment income in his income tax in the calendar year of the accrual.

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