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ADIX - Healthcare GmbH is a young company with a European network, which has successfully positioned itself in the medical cannabis segment. With our innovative CBD products and CBD cosmetics, we are gaining a foothold in the European market and are thus meeting the enormous market potential and demand.
In the following, we will guide you through the pitch deck of ADIX Healthcare GmbH and provide you with the most important data, information and facts to give you a first insight into our company.

ADIX - Healthcare GmbH is a subsidiary of the ADIX Group.
It emerged from the ADIX Pharma GmbH.
Müller, was the founder of ACA Müller ADAG Pharma GmbH & Co. KG.
After the KG was converted into an AG, the GmbH remained with the founder.
This sold in 2019 in a share - deal to a Canadian investor from Toronto for a double-digit million amount.
With this, A. Müller was one of the first parallel importers who imported medical cannabis from Bedrocan from the Netherlands after the release of medical cannabis by the federal government in 2017.

The team of ADIX Healthcare GmbH & Co. KG consists of the 3 managing directors and 11 other efficient and reliable employees with relevant experience and know-how.

The office and warehouse premises are located in 78224 Singen in the district of Konstanz in Baden-Württemberg, Germany.
On the first floor of the office building is the high security wing for storage and distribution of our Medical Cannabis.
According to the regulations equipped with two armored cabinets in a room protected by means of special alarm system. The alarm system has an automatic connection to the police.

Europe wide network
Through our branches we have a Europe-wide network and can open up new networks.
We have the full GmbH shares of Sativa GmbH Sh in Switzerland and AsaTop BV in Venlo, which has its headquarters in the Netherlands. These two branches serve as additional branches, which offer liberal regulations and more freedom of action.

The AsaTop in Berlin has an extensive webshop for the distribution of our CBD cannabis products. AsaTop Berlin is also in the planning stage for its own retail space in Berlin. We are currently developing a range of cosmetic products with CBD - cannabis content.
See attachment 6 "Sweet-Sheeba-Club Berlin".
Cannabis, innovative CBD products and more...
Since company foundation we cooperate with the renowned Dutch manufacturer Bedrocan and offer you established Medical Cannabis strains.
Already since March 2017 cannabis is free for prescription by doctors for certain diseases. We currently distribute our medical cannabis exclusively to pharmacies and wholesalers throughout Germany. In addition to our diverse portfolio of CBD products, which we distribute, we devote great attention to CBD cosmetics.
Currently, CBD cosmetics are on everyone's lips. ADIX has also held the EUVAC and ALLVAC patents for years and is active in the vaccine sector.

Cannabis, innovative CBD products and more...
Seit Firmen Gründung arbeiten wir mit dem renommierten holländischen Hersteller Bedrocan zusammen und bieten Ihnen etablierte Medical Cannabis Sorten
Bereits seit März 2017 ist bei bestimmten Erkrankungen Cannabis auf Rezept ärztlich frei zur Verschreibung. Unser medizinisches Cannabis vertreiben wir aktuell ausschließlich an Apotheken und Großhändler in ganz Deutschland. Neben unserem vielfältigen Portfolio an CBD Produkten, welche wir vertreiben widmen wir uns mit großer Aufmerksamkeit der CBD Kosmetik. Aktuell ist die CBD Kosmetik in aller Munde.Die ADIX auch seit Jahren Inhaber der Patente EUVAC und ALLVAC und im Impfstoffbereich unterwegs.

Contrary to the loud announcements of some start ups, ADIX - Healthcare has already achieved a pre-tax profit of almost 1 million in 2020 and will be profitable in the following years.
For the current and the ongoing business years of ADIX Healthcare GmbH & Co. KG further measures are planned to secure, presence and expansion.
We offer the complete takeover of the company.

Initial Public Offering – Exit
It has been decided that in 2 years at the latest ADIX will go public or Mittels SPA will make an IPO.

Controlled release of cannabis
The bill of the FDP was brought down in June 2021 with the votes of the CDU and SPD.
However, as other EU countries, e.g. Luxembourg, want to implement the controlled release of cannabis, Germany will not be able to escape this trend in the coming months.

Approval dossier
ADIX plans further application of Medical Cannabis and CBD.
There are several dossiers in progress for approval at the EMA.

ADIX - Healthcare Team


A detailed version of the business concept is available

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