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 Business Concept ADIX-Group GmbH & Co. KG

Adix- Healthcare was activated in 2019 after Arthur Müller sold his shares in ACA Müller ADAG Pharma GmbH for a double-digit million amount in a deal.


1. investment offer

The Adix-Healthcare Group GmbH & Co. KG is equipped with 2 Million commandit capital with limited partner shares of 1 Euro each. Private persons within the Federal Republic, preferably physicians and pharmacists can acquire KG shares.1 KG costs 15 euros, the minimum participation is from 1000 KG shares, is equal to 15 000 euros.

Based on an annual profit of 1 million in 2020, the value of the KG is 15 million. It is a conservative valuation according to the valuations of joint stock companies. As is well known, stock corporations are traded on the stock exchange at 10 to 20 times the P/E ratio. Not to mention the start-ups and companies with little substance but a lot of share price potential.


2. medical cannabis

Medical Cannabis Due to the experience with the so-called Regulatory Affairs, in German rules of the licensing conditions, the Adix had at the beginning of 2020 all the necessary permits of the competent Regierungspräsidium Freiburg to operate as a drug wholesaler and the important BTM, narcotics permit from the Federal Opium Agency of the BfArM.


3. team

Managing directors: Diplom Kaufmann Arthur Müller, Natalia Müller with relevant managing director experience, Simon Gheorge with relevant experience in the pharmaceutical trade.

Responsible person according to §52 a AMG: DR. M

BTM - representative is a pharmacist

Administration,Back Office: 8 persons


4. location

 Our office premises cover approx. 150 square meters.

On the first floor of the office building in Singen am hohentwhiel, Theodor-Hanloser Straße 15 a is the high security wing for storage and distribution of Medical Cannabis. According to regulations equipped with 2 safes in a room protected by means of special alarm system. The alarm system has an automatic connection to the police.Other 5 rooms, a warehouse, 3 offices equipped with PC workstations and secured external doors according to AMG.In the courtyard are parking spaces for staff and visitors


5. branch offices

a) AsaTop GmbH Berlin is currently also seeking a wholesale and BTM permit from the competent authority in Berlin. In addition, Asa Top has an extensive webshop for the distribution of CBD cannabis products. CBD contains 0.2% THC and otherwise the non-intoxicating part CBD.

 b) Asa Top Venlo (Netherlands) will offer CBD products through a webshop.


6. ADIX Real Estate

In cooperation with SATIVA GmbH Schaffhausen (Switzerland) ADIX operates a real estate property with 250 square meters of office space and another 8 rooms vacant for rent in Thayngen Switzerland. We will rent office space, mailbox and mail depot, following the example of the companies in Zug (Switzerland)


7. ADIX Shares

ADIX Group GmbH and Co KG operates stock exchange business with the division. In the 2020 financial year, the stock exchange division operated extremely successfully with a unique and secret algorithm. Realized profit-taking amounted to no less than 1.3 million euros.


8. wikifolio

This depot is freely available for pharmacies and others


9. health without chemistry, alternative medicine.

The business concept is to promote homeopathy and alternative applications medicines without chemistry. No drugs from Big Pharma, but homeopathy applications and alternative therapy.


10. keyword cannabis

The release of medical cannabis in 2017 was a red rag for Big Pharma. In the meantime, however, therapy with cannabis has gained acceptance in some areas. In the Federal Republic of Germany, a small number of about 150 doctors have now established themselves who are willing to prescribe cannabis.Recently, however, the European Court of Justice has ruled that CBD products cannot be classified as drugs . The way is now clear for the purchase of these products as food supplements.


11. Franchise concept for pharmacies

Another pillar of our business concept: we are looking for and will inform pharmacies about the permissibility of selling CBD products and offer to establish themselves as franchisees in the respective place, in the surrounding area. Tempting are the TV broadcasts recently, where already in 2018 in the U.S. and Canada outlets, not necessarily pharmacies, have made huge sales and profits with the sale of CBD products


12. EUVACGmbH - Sputnik V Vaccine

ADIX - Healthcare GmbH also owns the patents:

EUVACC German trademark 30070453

ALLVAC German trademark 010537471


The subsidiary EUVAC GmbH is in advanced negotiations with the authorized distributor and exporter in Russia. Sputnik vaccines have already been administered millions of times in Russia and other countries.

As negotiating partners we contacted in Germany the Ministry of Health Mr. Spahn, as well as other ministries and institutions responsible for the procurement of vaccines. Optimistically, we expect that the first supply contracts can be concluded by March 15, 2021. We initially estimate the volume at two million doses. As a broker, we can claim 4% of the invoice volume.


13. Future forecast

The Adix Healthcare Group GmbH & Co. KG wants and will continue to grow with investment capital from banks, investment companies, family offices, equity capital companies.

Model Canada and the USA the development in the last two years to the cultivation and distribution of medical and over-the-counter cannabis from these countries is known. Alternatively, an IPO is planned in 1-2 years.

In Germany, efforts are there in the parties and the government to release the controlled distribution of cannabis. Adix Healthcare Group, following the example of cannabis companies in Canada , intends to conclude franchise contracts to pharmacies for the distribution of cannabis, in order to jump on the bandwagon of the rapid development in time.


A detailed version of the business concept is available

Thank you for your interest!   Write us directly here a first E-Mail !

Download & Print Pitch-Deck!
Print out the pitch deck and read through your good investment opportunity at your leisure!
InvestorPitchDeck_COMPANY_Presentation ADIX Group GmbH.pdf (1.09MB)
Download & Print Pitch-Deck!
Print out the pitch deck and read through your good investment opportunity at your leisure!
InvestorPitchDeck_COMPANY_Presentation ADIX Group GmbH.pdf (1.09MB)


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